Instagram Strengthens Security Authentication

Instagram recently added two levels of authentication in order to keep account safe, hacked accounts  is the worst experience for most people online, getting your accounts hacked really sucks.

Instagram adding new security level

Instagram sees that and now they are now strengthening their security level, we just found out that they are not adding option for more secure authentication.

The two factor log-ins of security beyond standard password, this means that before accessing your account it will required additional information that will verify if it was really you.  And also Instagram uses phone verification as extra layer. This level of protection is much hard as those who want o hacked your account will need your password and your mobile phone as well.

At the same time you will have to keep your cell phone with you, which is not a big problem given that most post on Instagram are done by smartphone.

The said update was already rolling out at the time you read this post, and to make it clear this added security level is optional. Every user has the option to use the added security and avoid getting hacked.

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