Introducing Creo, Indian’s Latest Smartphone Brand

Recently, Creo a new Indian mobile manufacturer recently received total of $3 million funding in order to create new twist on the Android system, the company unveiled its first ever smartphone, called Mark 1.

Introducing Creo

The company released a promotional video, but the hardware details was not revealed by the during the teaser commercial video. The Founder Sai Srinivas tells press that the leaked specs that were revealed in reports are not accurate, but he clearly emphasizes that the company won’t compete other device specifically on its hardware.

But instead, its goal is just to release a regular update to all of its Android skin making it unique with others, Mark 1 owners will surely feel like “having a new device every month”.

We all know that India now become second largest Smartphone market globally next after China. Mark 1 was launching at tough time for all Indian Smartphone makers, however, they battle in competition from other foreign companies.

Creo aimed to manufacture own devices, but Srinivas clearly stated that “device hardware is not a differentiator of device”.

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