Introducing Leaked Design of the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Flagship


Looking back seven days of news on android world, just this week Android Circuit published leaked design of the soon to be on market Samsung Galaxy S7, the new device has smaller S7 Phone camera.

Samsung has done major changes to its Galaxy S7 compared to the previous devices launched on market. Let us take a peek how the new device design looks like. You will see that the front panel of the leaked device has the similar looks as Galaxy S6 panel and the front panel of Galaxy Note 5. And in terms of its design, S7 looks like Note than Galaxy S. the phone corners were less round, so it will look like square. But the screen is bigger than of S6, this suggests that the new version is smaller with a 5.2 inches display.

Earlier buzz suggested that we will be seeing two different sized Samsung Galaxy S7 phones this 2016. Confirming with those rumors, couple leaked screenshots that we managed to gather suggest that we will actually be seeing not just one model but it will be more, and one could have 5.7 inches display, just like Note 5 and S6 Edge.

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