Introducing LG G5 with Insane Specs and Eye Scanner Features


The upcoming LG G5 rumored to have 5.6-inch True IPS display with flexible touch screen. So meaning resolution should come around 3840 x 2160, in other words it will be a 4K display. The mentioned rumored resolution is likely to be accurate as 2016 models start switching to 4K displays. 2016 the year of 4K goes norm with high-end smartphones with the capability of 4K video.


Report claim that the smartphone features a 5.3in QHD display, metal bodywork, Snapdragon 820 chipset, microSD support, an IR blaster, with a USB Type-C slot, not just that it has insane 3GB RAM.
Interesting right? This comprises LG G5, smaller than G4, small but extremely powerful.

So what’s more it can offer and what makes it advance to other competing phone models? Introducing “Eye Scanner” sounds interesting right? But phone developers has showed interest in biometric sensors, as we know some phone offers fingerprint scanners, thanks to Apple’s TouchID. This feature has been made possible and will have it debut on LG G5.

As to date no prices have been leaked on the market, but looking at the special features, this phone will surely be expensive. As to it availability, rumors are pointing that LG G5 will be released first quarter of 2016 between the month of February and April.

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