Introducing LG’s G5’s Clever Design


Now let us consider device functionally versus phone design, this is what most phone manufacturing are battling for, as last year Samsung fighting for to convince its loyal Galaxy fans that their product is more slimmer with adult concept better than a removable bits.


Samsung and LG are now battling toward the top until recently there was a latest leak on the believed LG G5. Source was speaking to CNET Korea, and was also confirmed that next LG device flagship will have a metal like design feature with a removable battery.
How come? With its modular blueprint, the article referenced it as a ‘drawer method’ essentially allows the battery removed from the device by sliding out the bottom.

From the shown photo render credit to CNET, it appears clearly that USB port and the headphone jack will still remain on the device. This means that they can still be reconnected and disconnected to the phone motherboard along side with its battery.
This render is accurate then we will be looking at the genuine standout and has its unique feature in the industry.

Unsurprisingly it was LG now leading on the charge. As we know Korean manufacturers has unusual taste of releasing dual screen concept with LG V10 and the curve G Flex and what we see now will suit G5.

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