Introducing Microsoft iPhone Keyboard


In the advancement of technology, those who are on the top should be followed by those who are below the rank, now for the second time Microsoft is integrating its default Windows Phone keyboard to iOS operating systems.


Microsoft one of the software giant now testing early version of keyboard internally, and make it available to public for testing soon. Our sources point us that it was supposed to be closed information and will be revealed soon. But Microsoft’s plans has already leaked out to The Verge that iOS keyboard includes special one handed mode.

While Windows 10 Mobile keyboard has one handed mode, Microsoft’s iOS version seems different. The one handed mode works each side, allowing user to use either hand to swipe the letters or just type, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile keyboard shifts to side in order to create compact keyboard. Instead the key layout will be used in iOS version.

Other than one handed mode, rest of Word Flow is very similar to Windows Phone version. You can easily access suggestions, emoji, and swipe letters to type the words. Microsoft planning to bring Word Flow to all future iOS in coming months, with Android version expected this year.

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