Introducing Neffos Smartphone C5 Series by TP-LINK


The known Chinese company TP-LINK popular maker for networking products announced their own version of Smartphone brand in the market.

Neffos Smartphone C5 series is TP-LINK maiden generation Smartphone that includes dual micro SIM with 4G network connectivity running Android 5.1.
This entry level Smartphone model Neffos C5L sports has 4.5 inches screen powered by qua core Snapdragon processor with 1GB phone RAM. Neffos C5 is also 5 inches and the Neffos C5 Max packs at 5.5 inches at 1080pixel display powered by Octa core MediaTek processor at 2GB phone RAM.

Vice President of TP-LINK Justin Tu said that “Neffos product is something worth to buy, as the company is experimenting how the market will react to their new released phone model.”

The Neffos series will be a new journey for TP-Link bringing new product it can offer to the market in order to extend the lifestyle of the users. As the company succeeds on their networking products, people expect that this new product will create another journey of success for the company to develop more, innovate the product and produce better ones in the future.

The company’s philosophy being ‘Smart & Simple’ will always reflect on all of their products making every users life even easier.

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