Introducing OPPO F1 Series Smartphone this 2016


Chinese manufacturer OPPO is now on the process of launching another smartphone line marked as F Series, which has special feature on photography.


OPPO F1 Series, the first series for this year set to be launched first month of 2016. No further information has been revealed, yet hints points out that it will be affordable in price with a catching phone style added with superb camera quality.

OPPO vice president at the same time the director of international mobile business Mr. Ski Li says that “F1 will inherit the excellent camera performance and exquisite design tradition that have earned accolades for OPPO’s flagship series.”

Other Phone specs remain at mid-range, making F1 series perfect for customers that care and desires photo quality.

Remembering how two other giant companies Sony and Samsung failed to invaded market as they launch their phones focus on photography in the past. But for 2016 where competition of phones built with excellent cameras along with high specs, OPPO’s going to knock  hard its competitors with its special camera or the price.

No official release date has been set for the launch of the latest OPPO F1 Series. Company claims that F Series will be there core product this 2016.

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