Introducing OPPO’s F Series Smartphone


Recently, OPPO confirmed that their 1st set of new F Series will start from F1, though information on the mentioned model has been limited till recently. Moreover, the latest device said to feature on Camera best for selfie with its 13MP rear camera.
On the other hand, F1’s camera features some sort of phase detection autofocus, resulting in a superior quality images. The phones front camera is 8MP with f/20 lens. OPPO’s PureImage 2.0+ likely to power the device camera, it has optional selection of modes such as “Expert Mode”, “Double Exposure”, “Auto Panorama” and more.

As to date, we don’t have any concrete information about the F1’s CPU, but judging at the mid level phones for today, it would likely be around 3GB RAM at 5 inches Display.
Mr. Sky Li, the managing director of IMB (International Mobile Business) and OPP’s Vice President, F series will inherit outstanding camera performance and superb design tradition that earned accolades for OPPO’s best series. The new series will bring the devices with impressive specs, eye catching phone style and it’s amazing price that consumers worth a buy with excellent phone specs and phone build quality.

“We are very excited to introduce the F series, which will allow an even wider range of users from all around the world to experience OPPO’s outstanding photography technology,” said Li.

In the meantime, OPPO keeps innovating unique flagship on its devices in order to satisfy the continued demand in the market.

Lastly, the first production of the F series set to lunch this January of 2016.

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