Introducing the Recreated LG G5’s Flagship Smartphone

Dated today, the company introduces its hottest flagship Android smartphone in the mobile market, the LG G5.lg


Together on its official launch are its accessories and modules that can be plug-in, G5 surely catch peoples eye, I believe personally that this flagship phone from LG will not just be successful but will be cone of the memorable device on Mobile World Congress 2016.

After seeing the actual device during the MWC, my first impression was picking it up and testing it, inspecting the aluminum body in which more will appreciate. The recent flagship phone of LG is somewhat similar to Google Nexus. LG’s own version of fingerprint scanner that is positioned same spot as 6P’s Nexus Imprint, and G5’s camera module protrudes slightly from the device body.

Both devices are packed by anodized aluminum. Some are made in silver and even gold, and both device are undeniably beautiful. The phone has high-resolution up to 2560 x 1440 displays. LG enjoys subtle advantages: with 5. -inches screen, G5 has higher pixel density than 6P or even LG’s 2015 flagship G4.

Recent phone device today are built with unibody sheel that is added by antenna lines. They are still but LG uses a special process that calls a micro dizing that used to disguise device antennas.

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