Ios 9.3 Tweak That Will Help Put Off You From Over Charges


Recently Apple released its beta version of iOS 9.3, this was an update introduced to its users including its interesting update features, first is the 3D touch functionality expanded version, secondly the advanced security options and lastly the Night Shift Mode.


You can check the most detailed rundown of its beta version the iOS 9.3 and its new features on YouTube, but before leaving this article and watch its beta features. We would like to highlight some additions to iOS settings.

On its latest beta version, this updates makes users easy to see the amount of data that they are consuming when the Wi-Fi assistant is enabled.

The Wi-Fi Assistant was originally a part of iOS 9, designed to help each users maintain strong link by automatically switching to different type of data eg. Cellular data when its active Wi-FI connection becomes weak.

Whiles this was a good idea, some users noticed that they are consuming large amount of data via its data provider, which results to overcharges. In fact this feature was turned on by its default setting.

With iOS 9.3 beta, Wi-Fi Assist toggle now shows a data usage outline in order to help users and be reminded about the amount of data that they have consumed when this feature is operational.

As final point as there has been a lot of confusion when Wi-Fi Assist goes into effect, we should always point out that this feature never springs when device is roaming mode, downloading content in background, or streaming audio from third parties.

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