iOS 9.3 Update on Jailbreak

ios jailbreak update

One of the greatest pressure on every technology related company is regular upgrades all over again. While doings some upgrades and new features it can offer, they need to focus on its running software for possible attacks it could happen.

ios jailbreak update

So despite of bugs from both iOS 8 and 9, it did not slowdown for the market to update to the latest iOS 9 versions since jailbreaking groups and community has substantial activity to whatever version it may be.

So when Apple released iOS 9.3 the beta one, it seemed that it was a bit premature considering iOS 9.2 was still on its trial stage. And it could be too early with 9.3 since information already spreading about its jailbreaking tools.

Surely , jailbreaking community had lot of frustration trying to break iOS 9, There was a jailbreak activity for iOS 9.1 and even 9.2, but the activity was no that massive that it can result to bawl in mobile community.

The Italian developer Luca Todesco tweeted last month that he had successfully jailbroken his iPhone run by iOS 9.2, but says he will keep thing exclusive for his personal use.

So in the public was failed in getting a jailbreak tool in order to breach iOS 9’s. We presume Apple was thanking Todesco’s selfishness .

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