iOS 9 Killing ‘Error 53’ Problem

Our source reported that thousands of iPhone users had their phones bricked by a certain ‘error 53’.

iOS 9 Killing 'Error 53' Problem

To make the story short, ‘error 53’ was identified as security measure released with iOS 9 last 2015 that bricks iPhones if TouchID is replaced by third party. The idea was that that stolen iPhone cannot be accessed or even replaced bt TouchID, thus ‘securing’ user’s data, phone is rendered unusable and can’t be saved.

Unfortunately, this information was not made available by those who have upgraded their iOS 9. Unsurprisingly this led to an increasing consumer backlash after customers getting screen repairs and finding that their phones are now unusable. Consumers voiced their individual concerns, although it is hard to quantify the number of people that has been affected by the mentioned error.

But based from our inside research, countless posts on forums on related and some claims thousands have seen the said error, so we I assume it is based on fact that it is on security measure.

However error 53 has been circulating for months, more and more third party repaired iPhones upgrade to iOS 9.

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