iOS App Automated Savings Plan Now Getting Popular

It has been over a year since the last time Digit revealed its powerful savings plan, this app helps every user to painlessly save few dollars from your check account for them to help pay debt or even save for users’ major purchases.

iOS App Automated Savings Plan Now Getting Popular

As users has the ability to add payment interest, the services has not changed since the last time it was launched over a year ago, but today, Digit is now looking and more polished. Thanks to iOS app iPad, iPhone and even Apple Watch.

Of course Digit is a special savings app helping iPhone and iPad users to save amount of penny. When the app was first time launched, Digit clearly noted that all Americans under the age of 35 had savings rate of around negative 2 percent. But after signing up with Digits savings plan app, the app then creates savings account, and what I like with it was that it was backed by FDIC, and then manages your money on your behalf.

The app then transfer little dollars every couple of days, let say from $3 – $18 as average. So when you want the money for your immediate need, user will just send in text and the  money will be transferred back to you ready for use.

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