iOS Will Help You Conquer Your Regular To Do List

In this generation, checking every item on our activity list is easy, but what if this will be presented in the other way around? Victories will surely help you get started.

iOS Will Help You Conquer Your Regular To Do List

This free iOS lets user select and name an art character that will represent to it and engage in task labeled as ‘battles’. If you just complete one, you have the option to swipe in order to indicate a win or surrender, and if you leave it off to your list for a period of time. You can add notes to each and every item.

As your character advances through battles (task), your virtual character levels up and then Victories shows detailed stats about it and how long have you finish the task and shows the percentage of battles you have won.

The app interface does not require every user to learn anything new in order to get started. Since it tracks amount of time taken on each battle task, Victories encourages users to get down immediately to work as quick as possible.

Generally, I found out that this app is useful than other apps that allow us just to list our to-dos and tackle them at our comfort.

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