iOS Version of Google Hangouts Now Updated With Ease File Sharing

Google recently rolled out the version 9 on Hangout for iOS device like iPhone and iPad, the update introduced number of new features that users reported to be clamoring during its older version.

iOS Version of Google Hangouts Now Updated With Ease File Sharing

Lately, people notice that sharing file to other device becomes a hassle, doing it so may require the user to activate the device wireless sharing then share it to everyone.

This time, we are now talking with native iOS document share extension, and now finally eliminate those frustrations in the past unable to share content thru Hangouts via iOS without using Hangouts application.

For now, users can activate special Hangouts extension in Photos or even Safari that allows sharing URLs, videos, images and almost all as long as you are logged in the app. A new menu is now available in which user can then select which account they want to use together with the contacts to send with.

Now sharing files even easier especially with Hangouts users, the recent application update adds a low power behavior. So if your device, like iPhone activates the feature, Hangout app will then automatically suspend the video sharing during calls. Not just that multi-tasking device features will also be disable.

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