iPhone 5S is king…becomes the most popular smartphone in the world

iphone 5s crown

iphone 5s crownApple will have one more jab to throw at Samsung especially now the latter is calling Apple and their customers “wall huggers“.

According to ABI Research, a global research and analysis firm, the Apple iPhone 5S is currently the most popular smartphone in the world.

Samsung’s last year’s Galaxy S4 was beaten to second position even though it was outselling the iPhones when it launched last year.

The top 5 smartphones in the world according to popularity:

  1. Apple iPhone 5S 16GB
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Euro 16GB
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 16GB
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE i9505
  5. Apple iPhone 4S 8GB

However, Samsung didn’t fail woefully to it’s fiercest rival, the Korean tech giant had 3 spots in the list of top 5 smartphones (as shown above).

“The presence of the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 16GB and iPhone 4s 8GB in the top five is testament to the enduring appeal of these models and the vendors strong brand, enabling a long and profitable life cycle, that other vendors can only dream of,” Nick Spencer, an ABI Research analyst praised.


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