iPhone 5s now outselling 5c at 8:1 ratio, iPhone 5c production reduced

The iPhone 5c is Apple’s response to a ‘cheaper, plastic’ version of their top-selling iPhone line. However, things seems not to be going as planned as the iPhone 5c is not meeting up with Apple’s sales expectations.

The  iPhone 5c was reported as selling only one unit as per eight units of 5s sold which means that either the iPhone 5c is trading poorly or that the iPhone 5s is selling too well, or both.

iPhone 5s now outselling 5c at 8 1 ratio, iPhone 5c production reduced
Production of parts of the iPhone 5c was also said to be reduced as Apple ordered two of it’s biggest suppliers, Hon Hai and Pegatron to cut the number of supplies for iPhone 5c parts.

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