The iPhone 6 16GB can be upgraded to 64GB and 128GB in China


Apple conveniently made a 16GB model of the latest iPhone again this year when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were to be rolled out and this was to the dismay of many who would have thought that it was high time Apple discontinued this memory variant. Coming at a lesser price though, the space on this device is gradually becoming obsolete in this age where big files are the order of the day everywhere to improve quality experience. Not having an external card slot too, users would always be restricted to the amount of space on whatever version they’ve purchased. However, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel now.

Some Chinese shops have now started to offer some kind of specialized service which would see them upgrade your iPhone’s storage from that meager 16GB you so detest to a stunning 64GB or better still, the 128GB variant. The highest price at which you would get this operation done is currently set at about $92 equivalently.

This operation doesn’t mean that for the amount so stated, your device would be changed for another one having higher memory space. It simply means that these special engineers would change the memory chip inside to a much larger one.

What would make this process tough is the fact that it isn’t easy to get into Apple’s components and since the memory chips are glued down to the motherboard, it would take extra care not to tamper with the wirings in the device. Also note that this upgrade can only be done on the authenticated versions of the iPhone, hence the iPhone 6 only.

For now, you can exploit this loophole (which Apple is bound to find and close) by upgrading to 64GB for just $71 and 128GB for some $92.

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