iPhone 6 leaked out from Chinese factory

iPhone 6 leaked out from China factory

It’s been seven year’s since Apple’s iconic iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs.

Since then, every year, just before and after the launch of a new edition of the phone, people suffer from “iPhone fever”. If it’s not fanboys camping in the cold outside an Apple Store, it’s someone commiting a crime somewhere or even worse, just to be able to get the new smartphone.

This year’s dilemma isn’t going to be any different. Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be released, and alongside it, some great dose of the iPhone fever.

Speaking of the iPhone 6, a source who claims to be an insider from a Foxconn factory where the iPhone 6 is being manufactured, sent us something he/she/they/it alleges to be the picture of the unannounced iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 leaked out from China factory3 iPhone 6 leaked out from China factory2 iPhone 6 leaked out from China factory
The legitimacy of these pictures, we put a question over, considering it’s too early for iPhone 6 leaks. So we ask you to take it with a pinch of salt.Via

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