iPhone 6 lineup proves to be the best selling Apple smartphone

The iPhone 6 came and gave us premium features on a smartphone and a little while down the line, we were blessed with what was the refinement and reconsideration of the specs on this one and when that project launched, it got named the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S really stood for everything that its immediate predecessor also stood for, only offering it all in a much better way.

We saw an improved speed and faster performance on this one, the fingerprint scanner was better and seamless than it had been on the previous generation launched and even though there wasn’t much difference otherwise, it surely became a force in the market.

For the iPhone SE that was also introduced for the sake of some diversity, it enjoyed a very good sales period in the market and rightly priced at $400, it became the ideal iPhone for people who didn’t have much to blow off on Apple devices.

With news of a third refresh for the iPhone 6 already and with the 7th generation already launched, there is still a lot that can be accounted for in the coming days but for now, the best performer in the market is the iPhone 6 brand.

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