#BentGate: iPhone 6 Plus is an LG G Flex competitor? Well, Apple never told us

#Bentgate LG

Last year, the world witnessed a breakthrough in the mobile world as LG and Samsung had respective success in using a flexible display on smartphones.

The LG G Flex was born – 6″ flexible hardly breakable display on a slightly bendable body. However, the phone didn’t make it big and was discontinued later this year.

Tell that to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The 5.5″ aluminum-clad smartphone that was released barely days ago has become a object of ridicule as a growing number of users complain of having their device bended unto one side under little pressure.

A torrent of pictures and videos appeared on the www and people took to Twitter to make humor on the $800 iPhone under the hash tag, #bentgate.

#Bentgate LG
LG, not wanting to be left out of the trolling, tweeted the above, and that hasn’t helped since yours’  truely has been lmaoing for the past hour. No, literally.

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