iPhone 7 Plus confirmed by GeekBench to carry 3GB of RAM

One of the major differences between the Android OEMs and Apple is that when the latter makes their smartphones and launches it, they usually don’t pride themselves in leaking much about the internal specs and would rather let their devices speak for themselves than they make a fuss about it.

That is why on the iPhone 7 Plus, we haven’t gotten to know stuffs such as the battery size, which is very impressive, and they surely didn’t even intimate us as to the RAM specs on the device.

There has been a news for most part of the year that there would be a unit improvement on the RAM of the iPhone 7 Plus that we are bound to see this year, taking the total tally to 3GB and even thigh this can be considered less to what we see on Androids that can go as far as 6GB, it takes lesser RAM for Apple devices to run very well.

A GeekBench test has revealed that surely, the smartphone is made with 3GB of RAM and fused with the very fast A10 chipset also, it is bound to be very fast.

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