iPhone 8 To Come With Redefined Facial Recognition

iPhone 8 To Come With Redefined Facial Recognition


Much has been said about what to expect on the upcoming flagship device from Apple, the iPhone 8 but several other details remain hidden ahead of the official launch of the device.

Several speculations exist on the possible specs to be expected on the device as several tech analysts have predicted that the device will feature a new design which will be different from that which was adopted on the iPhone 6 and 7 devices.

However, fresh information has given an hint as to what the facial recognition for Apple Pay which is expected on the iPhone 8 is capable of.

According to HomePod, the iPhone 8 according to developers will be coming into the market sporting the facial recognition feature which will be dubbed the Pearl ID by the manufacturer and it is expected to work with third party applications and multiple faces just like the fingerprint scanner recognition feature.

The Pearl ID is said to support payment as it has been rumored that Apple may be looking to employ the use of both the fingerprint scanner and the facial recognition as a two-step verification process in order to make the Apple Pay a more secure platform.

However, there’s more from where that came from as the tech company has been revealed to have perfected the virtual home button which is capable of being resized and the rear camera to be able to shoot at 240 frames per seconds at 1080p quality in slow-mo, the camera is also said to be coming with the ability to record HDR.

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