iPhones 4S electrocutes man in Thailand while charging

You probably must have heard a few ‘Apple exploding’ stories in the recently, with the last one being an iPad Air used for sampling exploding in a Vodafone store in Australia.

A flight attendant had been allegedly killed by her iPhone 5 in the past.  23 year-old Ma Ai Lun was said to be charging the smartphone when a call came, she grabbed her phone to answer the call and she became history.

iPhones 4S electrocutes man in Thailand while chargingAnother one is an eight-year-old girl who’s iPad hurled her father when volts of electricity emitted from the charger.
Tim Gillooley who was 34 at that time said his daughter’s iPad charger exploded and threw him across the room, leaving severe burns on his fingers and palm.
“There was a massive bang and I felt a huge jolt up my arm, and I was thrown completely across the room, I was in total shock.” A tearful Chloe said, adding that his daughter could have being killed if the accident had happened to her.

Sadly, on each and every of these incidents, Apple seems to be pointing the one thing: Third party chargers.

The very last one happened in Thailand this week, the victim wasn’t so lucky as he was killed. The man was said to have been killed by his iPhone 4S while it was charging.

“Local police found that the smartphone was still connected to a charger in a nearby power outlet, indicating that the victim had likely been talking on the phone while charging it at the same time.

Photographs taken of the charger show a blue model different from the standard white ones that Apple includes with every iPhone, suggesting that it was a cheaply made fake.”
iPhones 4S electrocutes man in Thailand while charging2

That means, if you can buy an iPhone, you should definitely afford an original charger, otherwise the unexpected might happen at any time.


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