Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may not excite users

iris scanner

As the date painfully draws close to when Samsung wishes to unveil their all new Galaxy Note 7, we still keep getting a little of bits and pieces here and there every time and so far, it even seems like we have all we need to know about the device before launch date.

One of the new features that this one brings on board is the iris scanner it promises and even though we have never heard of that up till this point, we have a pretty great idea of what it does now from the reports and leaked front panel of the device.

However, industry analysts have projected that this single feature might not find much usefulness with the public.

Previous launches of this kind of technology in other devices have faced a significant amount of setbacks mainly due to the limitations of integrating an iris scanner onto a smartphone.

There has been complains of the speed with which the scanner responds, the fact that it is affected by lighting of the area and the distance between the scanner and the face if the user. Most times, users would need to tilt their heads in various places to get the best angle and catch the proper lighting before it works at all.

This kind of multiple trials is what no one wants to deal with and they might choose to go without it altogether. Sorry Samsung, but this might not be a cutting edge technology to talk about when announcing the Galaxy Note 7. At least, not for now.

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