Is iPad a tablet, or…?

Apple is one company that knows how to market it’s products while maintaining that “different from the crowd” mentality.

Is iPad a tablet
We know that the Apple iPad is one of the best selling technology products of our time and we know how much users cherish their priced possession. The iPad has been around since April 2010, and has since then, had been a money-making machine for the Curpertino, Califonia gaint, Apple.

On the other hand, tablets have existed, even beyond when we thought. As far back as 1989, a tablet computer called GRIDPad which ran on MSDOS was maufactured by Samsung for a company named GRID Systems Corporation. The full advent of tablets came after 2010, immediately after Steve Jobs had introduced the iPad (which he was personally involved in making).

So, is the Apple iPad a tablet?

Is iPad a tablet2
A tablet computer according to urban definition, is a portable computer with a display which of about 7 inches and above, usually flat (mostly rectangle in shape) when in use and can be equipped with sensors, cameras, physical buttons, touchscreen, as well as support for a host of connectivity options.

Is Apple iPad a flat portable computer with camera, accelerometer sensor, 7-inch+ touchscreen, physical buttons, camera and connectivity options? Yes.

OK, is the Apple iPad a tablet? Yes.

Over the years of it’s existence, Apple has avoided calling the iPad a tablet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one; In fact, because of this, many people see the iPad as something else. I remember someone actually telling another person that the iPad is a Macbook.

If the iPad is a Macbook, a Macbook is equalls to a laptop. Hell no, you can’t call the iPad a laptop, neither can you call it a mobile telephone, as it’s way larger than a normal phone, and mostly lacks many things like SIM card slot and phone call and SMS functionality.

The iPad as a tablet

Remember the time of the BlackBerry craze? Yes, there was a time when during TV shows the presenter will tell the audience to send in their requests “via their BlackBerrys and phones”, and this leaves you wondering if BlackBerrys were phones or something else.

Today, the iPad finds itself in similar scenarios daily. People of the Inter-webs usually argue that the iPad is better than Android tablets(or vice versa) and that leaves people like us in the cold wonderig why some men would like to watch the world burn.

A tablet is also called a tab, a slate, and rarely, a pad, but Apple for some reason, just does’t want to tag any of the iPads as a “tablet” but that doesn’t stop you from knowing that a BMW is your car, despite the word not being inscribed it.

So, whether it’s the first generation iPad, or the iPad Air , or the latest iPad that was just released yesterday, one remains the same — is the fact that if Apple iPads are still continued to be made in the same state they are now, the iPads are still tablets.

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