Islandwood’ Microsoft’s’ Bridge To iOS


Redmond based company working double time in order to shorten the release of its new software that will bridge towards iOS platform, which allows developers to port iOS apps into Windows 10.

Windows Bridge from Microsoft for iOS page some features an update suggesting new Web tool that will land on the platform in following weeks. The contrivance is crafted perfectly so it can routinely analyze iOS apps and then deliver compatibility score from Windows Bridge for iOS.

This attempt was not new to Microsoft in which they attract skillful developers involving other platforms. Last year alone android fans anticipated the project “Astoria,” bridge platform supposed to bring Android apps to Windows 10. However Nadella’s company seems to have it on hold.

But the good news comes for Apple fans, as iOS Bridge, “Islandwood,” is now making progress and will be launch sooner.

As of this stage, the app is in beta, but soon be ready when everything will be finalized.
“You’ll be able to see exactly how much work you’ll have to do to bring your app to Windows, along with suggestions, tips and workarounds for any libraries you’re using that the bridge doesn’t support yet,” Microsoft says.

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