Jolla prepares first tablet as hardware and software businesses split

Sailfish OS

Finnish phone maker Jolla has initiated plans to split its phone business into a new company. Jolla says it will now focus on developing and licensing of its Sailfish mobile platform as the firm sees a great future on that side.

“Every young company has to find its clear focus at some time, and for Jolla that time is now,” Dr. Antti Saarnio, Chairman of Board of Jolla Ltd. said.

“We have huge opportunities in the Sailfish OS licensing business, and I am very proud and excited to take responsibility of steering the Jolla ship to a new commercial phase. After three years of intensive Sailfish OS research & development we are now moving full speed to new bigger waters, which requires full focus on software from the team.”

Jolla Indiegogo

The new device-producing unit will now take charge of Jolla’s tablet production, a dream that was put on hold since the company got a crowd-funded sum of $2,553,921 on Indiegogo in December last year.

In 2013, the tech outfit launched a handset called the “Jolla Jolla” – a Sailfish OS-powered smartphone with support for Android applications. Jolla went on sale in Europe and some other places like India later that year.

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