Latest Android Flagship Candidates to Head Market With LG And Samsung

Obviously, as to date only one flagship device known as iPhone that runs the popular iOS platform, but a number of Android licensed platform are lurking it out to identify its hardware specification that can surely win premium buyers.

Latest Android Flagship Candidates to Head Market With LG And Samsung

But one of its greatest obstacle was that, besides from Apple no other makers in Hardware has the ability to stray from Google’s Android Platform specifically in Software’s.

The South Korea’s based component hardware now focusing on Samsung and LG after its revelation of next level of its high end smartphones device during the recently started Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain, with variety of Android contenders in the mobile market.

Apple’s notable holdout during MWC at the same way that company does not participate in CES trade show, to be particular in its notability is about its latest flagship android smartphones despite of variety of latest hardware features now revealed, none of its contenders has the ability to push forward its new capabilities that will require Apple’s style of integration between its device hardware and operating software.

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