Latest LG G5 Flagship Smartphone Packed With Unique Duel Lens Camera and Expansion Modules

We are glad to announce this new flagship device from LG, the latest smartphone device aims to stand among other mobile device in the market, to make a clear difference towards other smartphone offerings.

Latest LG G5 Flagship Smartphone

So how this possible is by offering a new feature, LG introduces a “Magic Slot”, this new feature rumored to support inserting expansion device range from larger battery in order to enhanced its device audio and the same thing will happen to the device camera.

The ideas on how these new attachments will be integrated are not yet announced, but these future features will be attached via USB devices or even Wireless connection.

LG promises on its last announcement that there upcoming model will be totally different from its older LG series, this move was an attempt for LG to clearly stand out from other mobile offerings in the market.

LG was placed in a situation after having minimal profits during the previous years as Apples devices stormed the market globally over 90 percent of total share in the mobile industry.

Like Samsung Company, LG is constrained from creating significant software advancements focused on hardware and design, and its pure dependence with Google’s Android platform.

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