Latest Privacy Protection Opposed By Google

Latest Privacy Protection Opposed By Google

Google is now eyeing the Federal Communications Commission’s plan for them to open up its cable boxes so afterwards any company can then tap into the TV streams and create new interface at their advantage.

Latest Privacy Protection Opposed By Google

But there was just one thing that keeps bothering with Google on the submitted proposal, the privacy rules of the consumer. The company thinks that FCC was too much concerned with it.

“Imposing its new privacy rules particularly directing to the new generations of mobile devices and even applications given a comprehensive scope of FTC Act and the state of privacy laws,” Google then writes a filing of question with FCC. In effect, Google says there are plenty of privacy safeguards that are already in place, so no need for them to create more specifically for companies making its new setup of top boxes, like what Google certainly will.

This means that Google opposed the privacy safeguards proposal, it even supports what FCC is proposing: an extension of rules already govern today on most set-top boxes, so that they will cover the new boxes in the future. But filing clearly explains that Google believes that those rules were sufficient, both protection and its enforcement.

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