Latest Remix Operating System Enables Android Installed On Laptop

Just before the official CES 2016 event we were teased by Remix OS, for those who just came in, this is about Android variant that turns Google’s mobile OS into desktop Operating System.

Latest Remix Operating System Enables Android Installed On Laptop

Remix operating system takes the basics of Android system and adds all elements on PC or even Mac. The software supports keyboards and mouse like what normal pc does, windowed interface, file manager, a system bar, and dock bottom of screen for easy access on you installed apps.

But since this platform was based on Android, it may have load of apps after installing the operating system that is ready to use, system apps like Facebook, Microsoft Word and even the popular game Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and more are pre installed.

Just day during the Mobile World Congress, company announced that software’s beta testing will be available online for to download and it‘s free starting March, adding support on more machines including over the air software updates.

So we tried to install it on a Dell laptop, and we are amazed with the result. Although few bugs and system glitches like delays in windows re-sizing can be experience but the overall performance was pretty impressive and good.

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