Leak Information on Huawei’s P9 With its Bold New Changes

Recently Huawei P9 exposes some of its changes on its upcoming device. Huawei made a big display last week at CES without officially announcing its new smartphone that will be coming out on market soon, but company’s possible next flagship deice may be around the corner as we go along.


A leak photo that offers possible outcome on what the rumored Huawei P9 smartphone device would look like.

Upon thorough research from our reliable sources, a schematic picture of P9 was posted in CNMO a Chinese website that seems to reveal some undeniable details of P9, you can see the phones home button, as usual it has dual camera typical to any smartphone device sold on the market, and curved edges with slate phone design.

It is also believed that the new generation of fingerprint security will be added on P9 as it has on Nexus 6P and Mate 8. Huawei fans will be expecting the rumored P9 to pack with 5.2 inch display, 4 GB RAM, 3000 mAh battery and Kirin 950 processor.

In addition some rumors points out that the P9’s official debut will be this March 2016 11 months since P8 was launched. All of these are still rumors and not yet confirmed so we will be updating some info as long as there will be updates on Huawei P9.

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