Leaked Images for HTC 10 Revealed

In this trend, it is pretty much common for upcoming device to be one of the targets of most popular leaks. This has become a ritual for every upcoming handset in the market before its official announcement.

Leaked Images for HTC 10 Revealed

We have seen multiple renders of HTC 10, but now we will be showing you live images of HTC’s upcoming flagship device and this was leaked again online. Well, this was the fresh leaked images of this Smartphone handset that clearly confirms that what we see on our leaked device renders post in the last few weeks.

HTC frequently sending teasers for its upcoming handset, hinting some features that users may expect with HTC 10, even thought it was not officially announced that the images was referred to the HTC 10, as what we heard on the past statements as HTC promised to produce “world-class” device camera for its next Smartphone with amazing audio sound experience.

This time the images of the device confirm its design was similar to what we already seen in the previous renders, leading to most people to believe that what we actually see here is the next HTC flagship handset, though it is not yet official until the big announcement.

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