Leaked LG G5 Images Showing Design Details


Looking back from the front of what claimed to be LG G5, we see that this device keep hold of the overall twist and design of its device predecessor at least what we managed to acquire from the exposure provided images.

Just like Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 today seems to be like a developer addition, with majority device camouflaged just to preserve design secrecy.

But that does not mean that we have not able to gather some details about the device. Apart from design mentioned above, LG G5 appears to be simplistic on front, with speaker, proximity sensor and front camera as shown on the image. No home button at front, coupled with fingerprint sensor.

Looks like LG G5 will be having dual camera setup, something which is true, it will makes us quite excited about it. Recently LG successfully execute its camera features and related functionality on LG G4. If LG’s managed to get its camera at once on its flagship smartphone then G5 should prove to be quite a treat for photography lovers.

That ends our leak for LG G5 today. The device is expected to be run by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, with a 2K resolution and 5.3 screen size.

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