Leaked photos of BB Priv running on Verizon’s network surface


With the coming of the Android flavored Blackberry device, the Blackberry Priv, to major world markets, interested users would be keen to know if the Blackberry Priv smartphone would run on their preferred networks which would be a huge boost. Already poised to launch in the United States’, United Kingdom and the Canadian markets, the Blackberry Priv has some new photos leaked with shows that the device might be running on the platform of Verizon.

Although the Verizon branded marks (a big red mark across the top face and lower back of the mobile) aren’t visible on the leaked photo, the device was surely seen to be connected to the Verizon network and also showed the option to access Verizon online stores, a feature exclusive to Verizon carried devices.

Customers are advised to take this leaked photo with a pinch of salt as history has prepared us against holding high hopes in these situations. If the situation of the Sony Xperia Z2 compact is brought to mind, a similar leak came out which suggested that the device would be carried by US’ largest network and till today, that dream is yet to be actualised.

We would have to at least wait till the 6th of November when the unlocked version of this device would start shipping to know who and who would and would not be carrying the PRIV.

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