Leaked Pictures Showing iPhone 7 Screen On Its New Handset


These leaked images might be a glimpse for the upcoming iPhone 7 in market. A Taiwan based Apple club claims that these images will be used for the upcoming iPhone 7 screens.


Apply Club argues that these images are from the future phone handset expected to be on public around September this year. They also said that Apple is still on the process of testing its models with a multi 3D touch, USB-C and dual camera.

It also claims that this new phone model will likely kill the headphone socket. This feature might make them first among phones with no headset socket or the 35mm headphone socket in order for them to shrink the phones thickness. No further information on what feature twist might happen but we will find out sooner.

Bigger possibilities that Apple will then focus to wireless headphones and probable sell or include wireless handset equivalent to Apple headphones. With this feature, users will be able to connect the lightning connector in order to pair in the wireless headset.

The new wireless feature might be a problem for existing apple users as its new lighting port requires Apple hardware specialist before it can be used. So therefore the headphone change will have a knock-on effect on its product.

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