Leakster suggests that HTC is planning the HTC Ocean Smart, Ocean Note and Ocean Master

We heard about the HTC Ocean last month and given that we are not given to this kind of naming system, we were not sure as to what kind of specs this one would even offer us at all. However, a tipster who is very versed when it comes to HTC products have given us three names as to the devices that would be expected from this manufacturer. According to LlabTooFer, we would be getting the Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart.

While this kind of names don’t show us much, we are thinking that they are planning to release the basic, premium and big sized version of this same Ocean device. We are expecting that the Ocean Master would be the one that would carry the very big features on it and have the most impressive spec sheet, the Ocean Note would have the mid-range specs to itself while the Smart would be the basic device.

While we have not gotten any official information, confirmation or otherwise, we are hoping that this is the trend of things and we get more information in days to come.

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