LeEco Le Pro 3 finally launches with 6GB RAM, SD-821 and 64GB internal storage

In a bid to enter the American market, the management of LeEco went ahead to set up shop in the Silicon Valley and from the time that this move was made, we have been hearing of the making of a LeEco Le Pro 3 which would no doubt be a flagship and very huge powerhouse when it comes to smartphones. It has been leaked for months, talked about for days and now, it is here in the flesh with all of its glory.

As regards the specs that we are very much interested in, it does not only join the small but growing club of smartphones to run the QUALCOMM snapdragon 821 chipset but also supports the processor speed with a massive 4070mAh battery. Although we heard a lot of mutterings that there would be an 8GB variant of the smartphone, it launched with just 6GB and we doubt if this would be the base mode for anymore to come.

Notably, it doesn’t make use of the 3,5mm jack and also incorporates the use of a USB Type C cable this time around. The 5.5 inch smartphone has 64GB of internal storage space which cannot be expanded, a 16MP camera on the back and 8MP snapper in front. Coupled with the QuickCharge 3.0 technology, this smartphone would be running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

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