LeEco makes its phones and TVs available via Amazon in the US


​LeEco made waves with its move to branch into the United States market, a place where a lot of Chinese OEMs would not want to be found dead in, and they are making sure that they would do everything in their power to succeed in this new venture of theirs. 

To make their presence felt, they introduced some smartphones and TV sets on their day of launch and now, they are looking to improve how much and how fast these units can be reached by interested customers.
From the launch, they have already put the Le Pro 3 on the market, and this one is not an understatement given that it was one of the first units to use the QUALCOMM snapdragon 821 chipsets as at the time of launch. Then again, they put in a midrange device – the LeEco S3 – with cool specifications for the price tag it was carrying. 
To make things further interesting and to raise interest, LeEco has made both of these units available at Amazon.

While the former carries a price tag of $399.99, the latter comes with a badge of $249.99 slapped on it. Want to know the best part of this offer? Zero shipping fees are added to your orders. Maybe now is the best time to grab a unit.

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