LeEco planning to unveil an SD-821 powered smartphone on the 21st of September

Formerly LeTV, the brand saw the light in the smartphone industry and decided to port markets and since they have arrived, they have not even been slowing down with the rate at which they are churning out great devices with maximum specs, full premium build and to cap off the interesting package, a very little price tag on the smartphones.

Recently, a device has been leaking from their stables and even though we do not have any idea of the naming system that it would end up using, we have now found out that it would be one of the very first smartphones to launch with the new QUALCOMM snapdragon 821 chipset.

The device has already been touted to be named either LeEco Le 2S Pro, Le 3 Pro or Le Pro 3 and from this, one would infer that even the rumour mill is having a problem with setting its mind on a single name and keeping to it this time around. However, the wait for the name might be over sooner than we expected because it is very likely that this smartphone launches on the 21st of September.

LeEco had to relinquish the privilege to be the first device to run the SD 821 with the launch of the ZenFone 3 Deluxe but that won’t deter the Asian OEM from also bringing their powerhouse into the market.

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