LeEco sells off first half million units of the Le Pro 3 in 15 seconds

Last week was when LeEco officially announced the much awaited Le Pro 3 in China and after this official announcement, they waited a week more before they started to sell the units to interested customers.

Now, we are not here to start refreshing the specs on this one for you because from the leaks up till the launch, we feel that you are saturated already but talking about the sales, there is a new thing of joy for the management of LeEco already.

The amount of people that had already registered for the smartphone before the first flash sale held were in the range of 3.5 million and when the first sale then held, the units that were available got exhausted in just 15 seconds.

Now, before you think that this is not a very impressive turnout rate, you need to know that the number of devices that got sold within that time frame sits at 500,000 units and given the starting rice of CNY 1799 which is rather very low and affordable for most looking for that similar spec sheet, it gained better popularity and traction among customers.

LeEco would want to bank on this success and ride it out to the end, especially now that they are blessing the market with an offering of great specs for low cash shell out.

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