Lenovo Eyeing Africa As Next Smartphone Target Market

Forget India Market, Lenovo now betting Africa as next target on its Smartphone market. Just in, Lenovo set sights on Africa as next emerging target for smartphone superpower next to China and India.

Lenovo Eyeing Africa As Next Smartphone Target Market

During the Mobile World Congress, Eric Cador the Middle East, Europe and Africa based operation president sad that the adoption of internet access using smartphone has become widespread rather than those who traditionally used the desktop computers in order to access online.

The situation triggers the company to position its target on the next smartphone market in advance. Based from the geographic graph of Lenovo, South America, Asia Pacific, United States and China are classified as complex regions, complex meaning, the number of currencies, number of languages, number of keyboards, distance, political environment, and time slots or whatever we like to define with it.

Africa as the first continent of first hand testing of internet phone, so this was somewhat new, which put Africa as biggest location for smartphones market, much bigger than India and even China.

A total of 70 percent African population is forecasted to be using smartphones in the next 4 years, 90 percent covered for broadband networks, this was according to Ericson Mobility Report last June.

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