Lenovo Shared 50% Mobile Market Sales In India

Lenove Top In Indian Sales

Lenovo along with Motorola now becomes third place in the largest mobile player in Indian smartphone, based from our source more than 50 percent of the phones sold in the India are locally manufactured.

Lenove Top In Indian Sales

Sudhin Mathur the director of Indian Express website states that Lenovo and Moto get the market share of about 11.6 percent of sales in smartphones last quarter of 2015, jump over 2 percent to Q3 and every year afterwards it grows 97 percent.

The company believed that they will become the top player online and they already did, this was highlighted by the online sales graph shown on Indian sales. The gaining popular model from Lenove the K3 Note and A6000+ are ranking up in numbers, while the G3 from Moto with X Play and X Style become successful with Motorola. This brand strategy success is to promote Moto brand in the starting price tag at $200+ and $300+ mobile device category while Lenovo to grip sub-$200 segment budget line phones.

So the data shows that Indian market is growing and as forecasted it could reach more than 150 million units to be sold in India this year.

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