Lenovo Z1 Will be Available in India as ZUK Z1

We know that Lenovo’s Z1 Smartphone has a subsidiary ZUK this was posted weeks on our previous article.

Lenovo Z1 Will be Available in India as ZUK Z1

The ZUK is already set its official India launch soon – Lenovo started teasing its fans on the upcoming device and sent media invites for launch event, but as of now the official date was not yet stated by the company.

However, the initial statements of the company points out that Lenovo will have its ZUK branding for India. In addition according to a China report, ZUK Z1 will be on Indian shelves representing the Lenovo Z1. However, there’s no such word why the company decided to have this kind of marketing idea.

Given that Lenovo has good visibility not just in India but globally, and will be reasonable to assume that Lenovo wants to extend its branding in order to cash on it.

The online brand ZUK was aimed at countering unstoppable rise of Chinese Internet mobile Smartphone brands namely Xiaomi, OnePlus and Oppo.

Lenovo’s website has been created for Smartphone’s India launch and it does not mention ZUK branding, so it seems that ZUK Z1 will be the Lenovo Z1. However, Lenovo did not confirm those company moves, so until then, this information will need a strong company statement which we have failed to acquire as to this moment.

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