Lenovo’s Vibe K5 Plus Packed with 15Mbps Broadband Priced at Rs. 149

This week has been a very interesting for different mobile developments that has been taking into places, though Apple’s upcoming big event this Monday already drawing lot of market attention.

Lenovo’s Vibe K5 Plus

As we know, Apple is now holding a big event dated March 21, where company expected to showcase its brand new line of 4 inches iPhone SE, together with the 9.7 inches iPad Pro model, and range of latest Apple Watch models and accessories.

March 21 event is considered a remarkable date as the event becoming more interesting in as its case hearing will also take event on the preceding day, the hearing was all about the company’s defense on not complying the demand of the United States government to unlock its iPhone device in order for the FBI authorities gather important data in relation to terrorism event that happen in Barcelona.

But so much for that, In India, there were few launches this third week of March – the gaining popularity Smartphone device Vibe K5 Plus from Lenovo a budget Smartphone that was recently launched last Tuesday, while Lava will be launched this coming Thursday at a starting price tag of Rs. 3,599. Based on our impressions of Vibe K5 Plus, it seems to appear that this will be a competent phone towards its similar line-ups.

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