LG Admits Faulty Hardware On LG G4 Bootloop Problem And Promises To Fix Affected Devices


Over months, LG G4 owners all over the world complained about this mysterious bootloop issue on its device. For no reason, LG G4 reboot at random and then stuck in bootloop with no resolve.

LG G4 one of best Android smartphones last 2015, users are not giving up on the issue easily. A petition has been formed, file by LG G4 owners affected by the mentioned problem, forcing the company to acknowledge the problem and provide replacements for the defective units.

The petition created by Santiago Archila, claims that LG’s bootloop problem affects all its LG G4 devices, and not specific to certain versions or its regional models. Archila added that LG’s response the matter has been unacceptable, as company have not handled the said problem consistently. Some users had their smartphones replaced, while others told that their device model LG G4 is not eligible for replacements or even repairs.

Complaints on the issue can be seen in the Internet since, with the issue first thought to only affect early models of LG G4. The issue initially flagged as motherboard problem on variants, but even newer models have been affected by bootloop issue with no specific solution in sight.

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