LG Admits its Hardware Defects on LG G4 causes the Bootloop

It took some time conducting a thorough study, but in the end LG finally admitted that LG G4’s bootloop issue was all related to its hardware flaw, this was after Android Authority Expert picked up the said issue on the problem and confronted LG Company regarding the matter.

In addition to what LG acknowledging problem, company said that they will be doing some technical study and perhaps repairing affected devices, stating that the main reason for the bootloop problem was on the loose contact between some of its devices internal components.

The LG Company confirmed also about its attempt to solve the problem because of misdiagnosis, leading to wrong parts undergoing replacement.

LG stated that those existing customers who are now experiencing the issue (bootloop) should immediately contact its local carrier from where LG G4 was acquired or local LG service center for proper repairs under its full warranty. For customers who purchased their device from non-carrier retail outlets, they should reach out to any LG service center, though warranty conditions will be different in such cases.

LG Electronics committed to providing highest quality of standards on all of its product and customer service and apologizes for the recent inconvenience caused to some of its customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

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