LG allegedly working on a 4G smartwatch bound for 2015 MWC

Samsung Gear S is one of the few techs that stood out in 2014. Being the first smartwatch with a SIM card slot and call functionality, we expected the device to snatch a few awards here and there but then came Time Magazine, honoring the unreleased Apple Watch as one of the top “inventions” of 2014.

G Watch Gear S Apple Watch Moto 360
You see, not that Apple’s Watch isn’t quite innovative, but then, we didn’t see any reason why the device is honored when Apple didn’t “invent” anything there. And even at that, the product hasn’t been released in the market. With that being said, Time should stay away from technology if it’s not their calling, or at least be impartial when doing these things.

So, back to the main news. The S Pen isn’t the only thing LG Electronics will be copying from Samsung next year. An insider has confined to us that the Korean tech company is making their own SIM-enabled smartwatch, complete with 3G and 4G connectivity.

The Watch will be ready in time for the Mobile World Congress in 2015, reports say. How LG plans to balance 4G and battery usage on a tiny device on your hand still remains a mystery to us for the time being.

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